Great Shelford Office properties for sale

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Madingley Road, Coton, Cambridge £2,550,000
Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge £2,250,000
Porson Road, Cambridge £1,900,000
Porson Road, Cambridge £1,500,000
Coppice Avenue, Great Shelford, Cambridge £1,450,000
The Pink Geranium, Melbourn, Nr Royston £1,195,000
West Green, Barrington, Cambridge £1,050,000
Town Green Road, Orwell. Cambridge £1,000,000
High Street, Toft, Cambridge £925,000
Reed Close, Trumpington, Cambridge £900,000
Plot 9 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £895,000
Plot 11 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £825,000
Plot 10 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £800,000
Thatcher Stanfords Close, Melbourn, Nr Royston £800,000
Ermine Street, Caxton, Cambridge £760,000
Plot 41 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £750,000
Townley Cottages, Fulbourn £750,000
Limekiln Close, Royston, Hertfordshire £735,000
The Old Chequers, Streetly End, West Wickham, Cambridge £700,000
Headley Gardens, Great Shelford £700,000
Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge £675,000
Plot 40 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £665,000
High Street, Little Abington, Cambridge £650,000
The Limes, Harston, Cambridge £650,000
Elms Avenue, Great Shelford, Cambridge £650,000
London Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge £650,000
Lotfield Street, Orwell, Cambridge £625,000
Royal Way, Trumpington, Cambridge £620,000
Plot 42 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £600,000
West Street, Comberton, Cambridge £580,000
Huntsman Road, Trumpington, Cambridge £575,000
Alms Hill, Bourn, Cambridge £575,000
Riddy Lane, Bourn, Cambridge £550,000
Church Road, Teversham, Cambridge £550,000
The Limes, Harston, Cambridge £550,000
High Street, Foxton, Cambridge £550,000
Consort Avenue, Trumpington, Cambridge £550,000
High Street, Harston, Cambridge £549,950
Barrons Way, Comberton, Cambridge £535,000
Plot 63 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £535,000
High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge £510,000
Hillside, Orwell, Cambridge £500,000
Pampisford Road, Hildersham, Cambridge £500,000
Station Road, Fulbourn, Cambridge £500,000
High Street, Trumpington, Cambridge £499,950
Gog Magog Way, Stapleford, Cambridge £499,950
Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge £499,950
Millers Road, Toft, Cambridge £485,000
Badcock Road, Haslingfield, Cambridge £475,000
Johns Close, Fowlmere, Nr Royston £475,000
Illingworth Way, Foxton, Cambridge £455,000
Ashen Green, Great Shelford, Cambridge £450,000
Courtyards, Little Shelford, Cambridge £450,000
Butts Green, Cambridge £445,000
Orchard Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge £435,000
Sefton Close, Trumpington, Cambridge £425,000
High Street, Barrington, Cambridge £400,000
Walden Way, Great Shelford, Cambridge £390,000
Mill Lane, Whittlesford, Cambridge £375,000
19A Church Close, Whittlesford £375,000
Davey Crescent, Great Shelford £375,000
High Street, Hauxton, Cambridge £375,000
Grain Close, Great Shelford, Cambridge £365,000
Davey Crescent, Great Shelford, Cambridge £355,000
Dunmowe Way, Fulbourn, Cambridge £350,000
Lanthorn Stile, Fulbourn, Cambridge £350,000
Champions Close, Fowlmere, Cambridge £350,000
Peacocks, Great Shelford, Cambridge £350,000
Jopling Way, Hauxton, Cambridge £330,000
Kentings, Comberton, Cambridge £325,000
Abberley Wood, Great Shelford, Cambridge £320,000
High Street, Foxton, Cambridge £315,000
Beldams Close, Toft, Cambridge £310,000
Chalkhill Barrow, Melbourn, Cambridge £310,000
Abberley Wood, Great Shelford, Cambridge £300,000
Elison Place, Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge £300,000
School Lane, Toft, Cambridge £300,000
Barton Road, Comberton, Cambridge £295,000
The Maples, Fulbourn, Cambridge £295,000
Bishop's Court, Trumpington, Cambridge £285,000
Blenheim Close, Shepreth £285,000
Haslingfield Road, Harlton, Cambridge £275,000
Old School Court, Great Shelford, Cambridge £270,000
Bishops Court, Trumpington, Cambridge £260,000
Limes Road, Hardwick, Cambridge £245,000
Butts Green, Whittlesford, Cambridge £225,000
Sheppard Way, Teversham, Cambridge £215,000
Bush Close, Comberton, Cambridge £190,000
Grenadier Walk, Hardwick, Cambridge £175,000
Ely Place, Trumpington, Cambridge £155,000