Highly sought after villages

Properties for sale in some of the most sought after villages in Cambridgeshire.

Woodlands Close, Great Shelford, Cambridge £3,750,000
Coppice Avenue, Great Shelford, Cambridge £1,450,000
Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge £1,250,000
The Pink Geranium, Station Road, Melbourn, Nr Royston £1,195,000
Redwoods, Church Lane, Widdington, Saffron Walden £1,100,000
West Green, Barrington, Cambridge £1,050,000
Town Green Road, Orwell, Cambridge £1,000,000
Laurels, Church Lane, Widdington, Saffron Walden £1,000,000
Plot 9 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £895,000
Walnut Drive, Great Shelford, Cambridge £890,000
Reed Close, Trumpington, Cambridge £880,000
Reed Close, Trumpington, Cambridge £875,000
Plot 10 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £800,000
Plot 11 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £800,000
Thatcher Stanfords Close, Melbourn, Nr Royston £800,000
Thaxted Road, Wimbish, Saffron Walden £800,000
Plot 41 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £750,000
West Field, Little Abington, Cambridge £720,000
Yew Tree House, Shudy Camps, Cambridge £700,000
Allard Way, Saffron Walden £699,995
Cambrae Cottage, Littlebury, Saffron Walden £675,000
Plot 40 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £665,000
Narrow Lane, Histon, Cambridge £650,000
High Street, Little Abington, Cambridge £600,000
Saffron Road, Histon, Cambridge £600,000
Park Avenue, Histon, Cambridge £595,000
Saffron Road, Histon £585,000
Harness Close, Trumpington, Cambridge £560,000
Huntsman Road, Trumpington, Cambridge £550,000
St Neots Road, Hardwick, Cambridge £550,000
Pye Terrace, Chesterton, Cambridge £550,000
Impington Lane, Impington, Cambridge £550,000
The Coppice, Impington £540,000
Plot 63 Victoria Heights, Melbourn £535,000
Corbett Street, Cottenham £535,000
Adelaide Close, Soham, Ely £525,000
Priams Way, Stapleford, Cambridge £525,000
Ely Road, Chittering, Cambridge £500,000
Old School Court, Great Shelford, Cambridge £500,000
Stansgate Avenue, Cambridge £490,000
Baker Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge £490,000
Northfield, Girton £485,000
Castle Maltings, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex £475,000
Chelwood Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge £475,000
Johns Close, Fowlmere, Nr Royston £475,000
Park Road, Sawston, Cambridge £465,000
Ponts Hill, Littleport, Ely £460,000
Twentypence Road, Wilburton, Ely £450,000
Stour Green, Ely £450,000
Rylstone Way, Saffron Walden £450,000
Duxford Road, Whittlesford, Cambridge £450,000
Pyrethrum Way, Willingham £450,000
Histon Road, Cottenham, Cambridge £437,500
Tanners Lane, Soham, Ely £425,000
Ellis Close, Cottenham, Cambridge £425,000
Illingworth Way, Foxton, Cambridge £425,000
Main Street, Wardy Hill, Ely £415,000
Shirley Grove, Chesterton, Cambridge £410,000
Church Lane, Haddenham, Ely £400,000
Chelwood Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge £400,000
Sutton Road, Witchford, Ely £400,000
Gilmerton Court, Cambridge £400,000
Glenalmond Avenue, Cambridge £399,950
Church Lane, Isleham, Ely £395,000
Sandy Lane, Cambridge £385,000
Ellison Lane, Hardwick, Cambridge £385,000
Huddleston Way, Sawston, Cambridge £385,000
Mill Lane, Whittlesford, Cambridge £375,000
Rackham Close, Cambridge £375,000
Butt Lane, Milton, Cambridge £375,000
High Street, West Wratting, Cambridge £375,000
Spring Drive, Trumpington, Cambridge £370,000
Hawkins Road, Cambridge £365,000
Common Lane, Sawston, Cambridge £360,000
Radwinter Road, Saffron Walden £360,000
The Orchards, Witcham, Ely £355,000
Peacocks, Great Shelford, Cambridge £355,000
Mill Corner, Soham, Ely £350,000
Malvern Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge £350,000
Downham Road, Ely £350,000
St Marys Court, Ely £339,995
Champions Close, Fowlmere, Cambridge £335,000
Clare Close, Waterbeach, Cambridge £335,000
Jopling Way, Hauxton, Cambridge £325,000
St Matthews Gardens, Cambridge £325,000
Chapman Court, Cambridge £325,000
High Street, Foxton, Cambridge £315,000
Bailey House, Cambridge £315,000
Cambridge Road, Waterbeach £315,000
Station Road, Impington, Cambridge £310,000
Old Forge Way, Sawston, Cambridge £310,000
Winstanley Court, Cromwell Road, Cambridge £300,000
Station Road, Impington, Cambridge £300,000
Boundary Court, Cambridge £300,000
High Street, Cottenham £300,000
Lucerne Close, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge £300,000
Edinburgh Avenue, Sawston, Cambridge £295,000
Cambridge Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge £295,000
Cyprian Rust Way, Soham £290,000
Cage Lane, Stretham, Ely £290,000
The Old Cement Kilns, Thaxted Road, Saffron Walden £275,000
Abbeyfield, Girton, Cambridge £275,000
Thorpe Way, Cambridge £275,000
Winfarthing Court, Ship Lane, Ely £275,000
High Street, Sawston, Cambridge £269,950
Bramley Way, Hardwick, Cambridge £265,000
Windmill Grange, Histon, Cambridge £260,000
Bishops Court, Trumpington, Cambridge £260,000
Lilac Court, Cambridge £250,000
Pine Court, Impington, Cambridge £250,000
Chalmers Road, Cambridge £245,000
Chambers Way, Little Downham £235,000
Atkins Close, Cambridge £235,000
Callander Close, Cambridge £235,000
Tower Court, Tower Road, Ely £230,000
Pine Court, Impington £230,000
Hall Street, Soham, Ely £220,000
Mitchcroft Road, Longstanton, Cambridge £215,000
Highfield Drive, Littleport, Ely £215,000
Falkner Road, Sawston, Cambridge £215,000
Park Road, Sawston, Cambridge £215,000
Priors Court, Ely £210,000
Croft Park Road, Littleport, Ely £210,000
High Street, Soham, Ely £200,000
Worsted Barrows, Babraham, Cambridge £200,000
Plot At Villa Road, Impington, Cambridge £200,000
Windmill Grange, Histon, Cambridge £190,000
Telegraph Street, Cottenham, Cambridge £170,000
Chestnut Drive, Soham, Ely £130,000
Prickwillow Road, Queen Adelaide, Ely £110,000
Church Lane, Widdington, Saffron Walden £POA