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PropertySizeRent (pcm)AvailableOffice
Mill Road, Cambridge1 Bedroom House Share£435*ImmediatelyCambridge
Middle Close, Stretham1 Bedroom House£600*25 February 2019Ely
Columbine Road, Ely1 Bedroom Flat£625*11 March 2019Ely
Gimbert Road, Soham2 Bedroom House£650*ImmediatelyEly
Church Lane, Willingham1 Bedroom Flat£650*ImmediatelyCambridge
Victoria Street, Littleport2 Bedroom Cottage£675*ImmediatelyEly
Darbys Yard, Sutton1 Bedroom Flat£675*ImmediatelyEly
Main Street, Witchford2 Bedroom Flat£695*20 March 2019Ely
Six Mile Bottom, Cambridge1 Bedroom Flat£730*ImmediatelyCambridge
Mayflower House, Cambridge0 Bedroom Studio Flats£750*ImmediatelyCambridge
Wisbech Road, Littleport2 Bedroom House£750*ImmediatelyEly
Greenside, Waterbeach1 Bedroom Flat£775*ImmediatelyCambridge
Harvey Goodwin Gardens, Cambridge1 Bedroom Flat£825*ImmediatelyCambridge
Fishers Bank, Littleport3 Bedroom Semi-Detached House£850*ImmediatelyEly
Cardinals Way, Ely2 Bedroom Not Specified£850*27 March 2019Ely
Atkins Close, Cambridge2 Bedroom Flat£850*ImmediatelyCambridge
High Street, Cherry Hinton1 Bedroom Flat£850*ImmediatelyCambridge
Castle Street, Saffron Walden2 Bedroom Cottage£850*01 April 2019Swalden
Mill Road, Cambridge1 Bedroom Flat£875*ImmediatelyCambridge
St. Martins Walk, Ely3 Bedroom Not Specified£875*ImmediatelyEly
Sleaford Street, Cambridge1 Bedroom Flat£875*ImmediatelyCambridge
Beresford Road, Ely2 Bedroom House£880*04 March 2019Ely
Columbine Road, Ely3 Bedroom House£890*20 February 2019Ely
Winfold Road, Cambridge2 Bedroom House£900*ImmediatelyCambridge
Meadow Way, Ely3 Bedroom Not Specified£925*08 April 2019Ely
St Stephens Place, Cambridge1 Bedroom Flat£950*11 March 2019Cambridge
Kerridge Close, Cambridge1 Bedroom House£950*02 March 2019Cambridge
Cambridge Road, Great Shelford2 Bedroom Flat£950*ImmediatelyCambridge
Goldfinch Drive, Cambridge2 Bedroom Not Specified£950*ImmediatelyCambridge
Greenside, Waterbeach1 Bedroom Bungalow£950*04 March 2019Cambridge
Halifax Road, Cambourne3 Bedroom Not Specified£975*25 February 2019Cambridge
Soham Road, Stuntney3 Bedroom House£995*ImmediatelyEly
St. Stephen's Place, Cambridge1 Bedroom Flat£1,000*01 March 2019Cambridge
Sunderlands Avenue, Sawston2 Bedroom Maisonette Flat£1,000*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
High Street, Sutton4 Bedroom House£1,000*13 March 2019Great Shelford
Hopkins Close, Cambridge2 Bedroom House£1,025*18 February 2019Cambridge
Lambourne Road, Hardwick3 Bedroom House£1,050*11 March 2019Cambridge
Ellison Lane, Hardwick3 Bedroom House£1,050*ImmediatelyCambridge
Capper Road, Waterbeach3 Bedroom House£1,050*ImmediatelyCambridge
Church Road, Hauxton0 Bedroom Studio Flats£1,083*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
Merrington Place, Impington2 Bedroom Flat£1,100*28 February 2019Cambridge
Macaulay Avenue, Great Shelford3 Bedroom House£1,100*22 March 2019Great Shelford
Lilac Cottage, Caldecote2 Bedroom House£1,150*ImmediatelyCambridge
Barrons Way, Comberton3 Bedroom End of Terrace House£1,150*ImmediatelyCambridge
Newmarket Road, Cambridge2 Bedroom Not Specified£1,150*ImmediatelyCambridge
Church Lane, Girton3 Bedroom House£1,175*ImmediatelyCambridge
Gilmerton Court, Cambridge2 Bedroom Flat£1,200*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
Sidney Gardens, Haslingfield2 Bedroom House£1,200*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
Lucerne Close, Cambridge3 Bedroom House£1,200*18 February 2019Cambridge
Peacock Way, Histon3 Bedroom House£1,200*ImmediatelyCambridge
Pages Close, Histon3 Bedroom Not Specified£1,200*11 March 2019Cambridge
Wellingley Court, Lower Cambourne4 Bedroom House£1,250*ImmediatelyCambridge
City Road, Cambridge2 Bedroom Not Specified£1,250*ImmediatelyCambridge
Caraway Road, Fulbourn3 Bedroom House£1,250*ImmediatelyCambridge
High Street, Trumpington3 Bedroom Not Specified£1,250*ImmediatelyCambridge
High Street, Little Shelford3 Bedroom House£1,300*27 February 2019Great Shelford
Springfield Road, Sawston4 Bedroom House£1,300*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
The Valley, Comberton4 Bedroom House£1,300*ImmediatelyCambridge
Malvern Road, Cambridge4 Bedroom House£1,300*ImmediatelyCambridge
Gilmerton Court, Cambridge2 Bedroom Flat£1,300*15 March 2019Cambridge
Columbine Road, Ely4 Bedroom House£1,350*ImmediatelyEly
Ayres Drive, Hauxton3 Bedroom House£1,350*ImmediatelyCambridge
Gladstone Way, Cambridge4 Bedroom House£1,400*ImmediatelyCambridge
Knightly Avenue, Nine Wells, Cambridge2 Bedroom Appartment£1,400*ImmediatelyCambridge
Harness Close, Trumpington3 Bedroom House£1,500*ImmediatelyCambridge
Riverside, Prickwillow4 Bedroom House£1,600*ImmediatelyEly
Granta Close, Witchford4 Bedroom House£1,600*ImmediatelyEly
Abbey Gardens, Cambridge3 Bedroom Not Specified£1,600*ImmediatelyCambridge
Cavendish Court, Cambridge4 Bedroom End of Terrace House£1,700*ImmediatelyCambridge
Elizabeth Way, Cambridge3 Bedroom House£1,700*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
Station Road, Histon0 Bedroom Flat£1,794*ImmediatelyCambridge
Station Road, Histon0 Bedroom Flat£1,794*ImmediatelyCambridge
Station Road, Histon0 Bedroom Flat£1,800*ImmediatelyCambridge
Station Road, Histon0 Bedroom Flat£1,800*ImmediatelyCambridge
Harebell Close, Cambridge4 Bedroom House£1,800*ImmediatelyCambridge
Station Road, Histon0 Bedroom Flat£1,859*ImmediatelyCambridge
Grove Farm Barns, Haslingfield5 Bedroom Barn Conversion£2,500*ImmediatelyGreat Shelford
77 properties, 17 February 2019 * Application fees apply