Histon Office properties for sale

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High Street, Landbeach, Cambridge £875,000
Station Road, Histon, Cambridge £750,000
Bell Hill, Histon, Cambridge £725,000
Park Lane, Histon, Cambridge £700,000
Station Road, Lode, Cambridge £645,000
Plot 8, Cooke Walk, Mill Road, Impington, Cambridge £625,000
Park Avenue, Histon, Cambridge £565,000
Station Road, Impington, Cambridge £550,000
Woodlands Park, Girton, Cambridge £535,000
Thornton Way, Girton, Cambridge £500,000
Jenyns Close, Bottisham, Cambridge £485,000
Bandon Road, Girton, Cambridge £450,000
Spring Close, Histon, Cambridge £439,950
Ellis Close, Cottenham, Cambridge £425,000
South Road, Impington, Cambridge £425,000
Scotland Road, Dry Drayton, Cambridge £400,000
Water Lane, Impington, Cambridge £399,950
Water Lane, Histon £390,000
Butt Lane, Milton, Cambridge £375,000
Benet Close, Milton £375,000
Station Road, Histon, Cambridge £375,000
Abbeyfield Girton Cambridge £375,000
Brenda Gautrey Way, Cottenham, Cambridge £375,000
High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge £369,995
Kingsway, Histon, Cambridge £365,000
Dry Drayton Road, Oakington, Cambridge £365,000
Days Meadow, Oakington, Cambridge £350,000
Duddle Drive, Longstanton, Cambridge £350,000
Peacock Way, Histon, Cambridge £350,000
High Street, Waterbeach, Cambridge £340,000
Thornton Court, Girton, Cambridge £339,950
The Rowans, Milton, Cambridge £335,000
Levitt Lane, Waterbeach, Cambridge £335,000
Cambridge Road, Waterbeach £315,000
Station Road, Impington, Cambridge £310,000
High Street, Cottenham £300,000
Station Road, Impington, Cambridge £300,000
Abbeyfield, Girton, Cambridge £300,000
Winfold Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge £300,000
Northfields, Lode, Cambridge £290,000
Whitmore Way, Waterbeach, Cambridge £280,000
Abbeyfield, Girton, Cambridge £275,000
The Sycamores, Milton, Cambridge £270,000
Windmill Grange, Histon, Cambridge £260,000
Pine Court, Impington, Cambridge £250,000
Station Road, Impington £235,000
Pine Court, Impington £230,000
Whitmore Way, Waterbeach, Cambridge £225,000
Camps Close, Waterbeach, Cambridge £215,000
Plot At Villa Road, Impington, Cambridge £200,000
Windmill Grange, Histon, Cambridge £190,000
Windmill Grange, Histon, Cambridge £180,000
Wallmans Lane, Swavesey, Cambridge £150,000
Wallmans Lane, Swavesey, Cambridge £150,000
Windmill Grange, Histon £110,000
Windmill Grange, Histon, Cambridge £100,000