Ely Office properties for sale

Knights End, March, Ely £675,000
Wisbech Road, Tipps End, Wisbech £575,000
Cardinals Way, Ely, Cambridge £550,000
West End, Ely, Cambridge £525,000
Alexander Chase, Ely, Cambridge £480,000
Anchor Lodge, Upware, Ely £450,000
Plot 3, Hod Hall Lane, Haddenham, Ely £450,000
Forehill, Ely, Cambridge £420,000
Plot 2, Hod Hall Lane, Haddenham, Ely £415,000
Plot 1, Hod Hall Lane, Haddenham, Ely £415,000
Hod Hall Lane, Haddenham, Ely £415,000
Sand Street, Soham, Ely £400,000
Hatley Drive, Burwell, Cambridge £385,000
High Street, Sutton, Ely £385,000
Yewtrees, Hall Street, Soham, Ely £375,000
Pymore Lane, Pymoor, Ely £360,000
Qua Fen Common, Soham, Ely £340,000
Plot 34, Morris Gardens, Soham, Cambridge £324,995
Columbine Road, Ely, Cambridge £323,000
Kings Avenue, Ely, Cambridge £302,500
Bayfield Drive, Burwell, Cambridge £300,000
The Brook, Sutton, Ely £300,000
Brook Street, Soham, Ely £300,000
St. Andrews Close, Sutton, Cambridge £275,000
The Medway, Ely, Cambridge £260,000
Welland Place, Ely, Cambridge £250,000
North Street, Wicken, Ely, Cambridge £240,000
Hundred Acre Way, Red Lodge, Suffolk £240,000
The Medway, Ely, Cambridge £235,000
Lester Drive, Haddenham, Ely £230,000
Hall Street, Soham, Ely £225,000
Clover End, Witchford, Ely £225,000
Mallard Rise, Haddenham, Ely £212,000
Manor Close, Witchford, Witchford, Ely £200,000
Kent Close, Ely, Cambridge £200,000
Croft Park Road, Littleport, Ely £185,000
Longchamp Drive, Ely, Cambridge £175,000
Birch Close, Ely, Cambridge £170,000
Manor Place, Littleport, Ely, Cambridge £121,000
Heron Croft, Soham, Cambridge £112,500