Ely Office properties for sale

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Adelaide Close, Soham, Ely £550,000
Froize End, Haddenham, Ely £480,000
Ponts Hill, Littleport, Ely £460,000
Stour Green, Ely £460,000
Twentypence Road, Wilburton, Ely £450,000
Seppings Close, Wilburton, Ely £435,000
Tanners Lane, Soham, Ely £425,000
Main Street, Wardy Hill, Ely £425,000
Church Lane, Haddenham, Ely £400,000
St Johns Road, Ely £400,000
Mitchells Yard, Wilburton, Ely £400,000
Church Lane, Isleham, Ely £399,995
Straight Furlong, Pymoor, Ely £390,000
High Street, Sutton £385,000
The Orchards, Witcham, Ely £365,000
Julius Martin Lane, Soham, Ely £365,000
Fieldside, Ely £350,000
Downham Road, Ely £350,000
Mill Corner, Soham, Ely £350,000
The Brook, Sutton, Ely £330,000
Stewards Lane, Sutton, Ely £325,000
Tower Court, Tower Road, Ely, Cambridge £325,000
Development At Land Off Hod Hall Lane, Haddenham, Ely £300,000
Kings Avenue, Ely £300,000
Cromwell Road, Ely £300,000
High Street, Aldreth, Ely £290,000
Cage Lane, Stretham, Ely £290,000
Kings Avenue, Ely £275,000
St Andrews Close, Sutton, Ely £265,000
Westway Place, Witcham, Ely £265,000
Moore Court, Ely £257,500
Briars End, Witchford, Ely £250,000
Morley Drive, Ely £250,000
Steward Close, Stuntney, Ely £250,000
The Medway, Ely £250,000
Chapel Road, Earith, Ely £250,000
Cyprian Rust Way, Soham £240,000
Tower Court, Tower Road, Ely £230,000
Wisbech Road, Littleport, Ely £220,000
The Glaives, Ely £220,000
Buckthorn, Ely £220,000
West End, Haddenham, Ely £215,000
Winfarthing Court, Ship Lane, Ely £215,000
Winfarthing Court, Ship Lane, Ely £215,000
Morton Close, Ely £210,000
Plantation Farm Cottages, Redmere, Ely £195,000
Chestnut Drive, Soham, Ely £185,000
Laurel Close, Mepal, Ely £175,000
Cedar Court, Littleport, Ely £175,000
West End Mews, Ely £170,000
Ramsey Road, Ely £155,000
Darbys Yard, Sutton, Ely £150,000
Chestnut Drive, Soham, Ely £130,000
Foxwood South, Soham, Ely £125,000
Prickwillow Road, Queen Adelaide, Ely £115,000